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  • I updated my blog.

    We would be delighted if you could take a moment to review our blog posts.

  • See what the sheep are up to on our blog!

  • New Wool Textiles published!

    New fabrics added.Please have a look!

  • Premiere Vision 2024

    February 6 to February 8, 2024Exhibiting at Premiere Vision Paris Maison d’Executions!

  • New TEXTILE products added!

    New TEXTILE If you are interested, please contact us.

  • Blog updated!

    Here is a video of our sheep!


    there are many interesting ateliers ! Maison d’Exceptions: Step into the world of ultra-creativity (premierevision.com) Ultra-creative embellishments, hand embroidery, mother-of-pearl plating, costume jewellery, non-woven silk, metal meshwork… a dozen ateliers featuring contemporary techniques will celebrate the intertwining of modern-day knowledge with the world of arts and crafts.

  • you can also contuct us via PV form !

    https://marketplace.premierevision.com/en/kasagi-fiber-studio-4779.html#about Companies and designers interested in meeting with us can contact us through CONTACT THIS SUPPLIER on the above website. Don’t hesitate to email us, we look forward to seeing you all!

  • Exhibit at Première Vision Paris 2024

    Première Vision Paris2024   Maison d’Exception Première Vision Paris2024 Discover the best of the Spring/Summer 25 collection. 6-8 FEBRUARY 2024 Paris Nord Villepinte9 am – 6.30 pm  KFS will exhibit at Maison d’Exception.Please take a look at the new KASAGI FIBER STUDIO products. Maison d’Exceptions: Step into the world of ultra-creativity (premierevision.com)https://paris.premierevision.com/en/

  • Social event at the Prime Minister’s official residence

    Awarded at 10th Discover Rural Treasures 2023.This award is sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. https://www.discovermuranotakara.com/ On December 20, 2023, I participated in a social event at the Prime Minister’s Office. We introduced our products to Prime Minister Kishida. Please also see our blog for more information.