Grand prix at Japan Textile contest

Won a Gran prix award at Japan Textile contest 2020 !

Grand Prix (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award)

#Outline of the contest (excerpt from the website)

The Japan Textile Contest is a human resource development project aimed at revitalizing textile production areas. Under the theme of “Discovery and development of human resources who will lead the textile industry in the next generation,” the contest aims to strengthen the technical, design, and marketing capabilities of the textile industry and to develop the human resources to support these capabilities, thereby expanding business opportunities and communicating the appeal of manufacturing.

#Head of Jury: Ms. Kanako Kajihara, Kajihara Design Studio, Inc.

The Grand Prix winner had a special presence among the many proposals for undyed materials this year, and its beautiful colors were visually surprising and appealing. First of all, the beautiful color was visually surprising and appealing. Then, the elegant roughness of the remaining crimps and knots was fascinating.

When I touched it, I found it to be soft and smooth with an appropriate dryness, and its rusticity was calming to me. My intuition told me that this was the direction I wanted to take now, and I could imagine the satisfaction I would feel in my future life from products made of this material. When I looked at the project’s intention, I was very interested in the background and thoughts behind the careful and loving yarn-making process, which includes hand-washing domestic wool and minimizing the use of heat and chemicals as much as possible.

I learned about the creator’s way of life and joy in respecting nature, and I felt a certain sense of security in the materials born from his kindness. The creator’s commitment to craftsmanship and concern for sheep and the environment is a remarkable conviction and execution, and it was an opportunity for us to take a fresh look at the functionality and appeal of wool.

I would very much like to introduce it as the material of the future to as many people as possible, both at home and abroad.”

#Kanako Kajiwara Profile Excerpt from HP
Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Design, Department of Dyeing and Weaving. (After working at Issey Miyake Textile Planning Co. In 2006, he founded KAJIHARA DESIGN STUDIO. In 2006, she founded KAJIHARA DESIGN STUDIO and launched KANA COLLECTION, a textile brand that brings together materials produced in Japan and sells to high fashion houses in Europe and New York each season.

she is in charge of the design of the Grand Jury Prize 2013 with a Japanese company. she has been involved in branding and global development as a creative director in various fields including fashion, interior design, and architecture, and is also actively involved in project planning and designer training to revitalize Japanese production areas. she has been appointed director of CRAHUG, a digital sales support project for factory brands, chairman of the jury for the JAPAN TEXTILE CONTEST, WWD sustainability director training instructor, and member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s 4th Study Group on Fashion in the Future.

Established “COQ”, a shop/dining/guesthouse complex in the forests of Sapporo, Hokkaido, and is currently promoting color healing and circular lifestyles from ethical lifestyles spent with nature.