Composition / Blended ratio :Β 
Wool (71.0%)
SBR Latex (17.0%)
Cotton (7.0%)
Other (5.0 %)

Our wool carpets provide the greatest comfort for walking and sitting. Wool that has not been damaged by heat, friction and chemicals retains its natural elasticity, crimp and strength.

The yarn developed for carpets is woven at high density using the Japanese hand tufting technique.

The shape has beautiful rounded and curved lines that can only be achieved by the best craftsmanship. The design is traced directly from the sheep’s sleeping tracks on the snowflake.Β 

The thickness and density of the carpet is increased to the maximum limit of the hand tufting technique. It’s the largest in the world.

Hand-tufted 100% wool rugs make you feel good; they support you by modeling the resilience of our material. This creates a sense of oneness between the person and the wool, similar to the feeling you get when riding a horse.

It is a wool rug that can be used with love and comfort, as if you were cuddling up to a sheep.

Sheep A 110 x 60 0.66 m2
Sheep B 55Γ—85 0.4675 m2
Sheep C 50Γ—70 0.35 m2
Sheep D 50Γ—90 0.45m2
Sheep E 70Γ—160 1.12m2

Chair mat, square 35 0.12m2
Chair mat, round 37 0.13m2