KF0011 Kakishubu Brown

Fabric width : 146.0 cm
Usable width : 140.0 cm
Grain weight : 340.0 g/m2
Length of 1 roll : 3.00 m

Home made 100% wool fabric dyed with persimmon tannin.
Uses the good coloring of the wool,The deep, dark color is dyed using the good coloring of the wool.
Kakishibu dyeing has an insect repellent and filming effect,These effects make the fabric strong.
Persimmon tannin dyeing also has the following characteristics:The color darkens over time,The color changes with use, increasing the attractiveness of the fabric.
Kakishibu dyeing is carried out in Japan, starting with the production of persimmons.
We are involved in everything from sheep farming to the production of woolen fabrics.
We have a deep understanding of each other and produce highly sustainable fabrics.