Wool  65%,Cotton 35%
Fabric width : 154.0 cm
Usable width : 152.0 cm
Grain weight : 294.0 g/m2
Length of 1 roll : 20 m

The “OKD” series is a fabric that expresses a delicate texture by using cotton yarns in the warp and weaving wool yarns in the weft.

GRASP is woven with a varying density of weft wool every few centimetres.In the palm of your hand, you can feel the texture of the changing density of the wool yarns.The fabric is thin and durable.Wool and cotton on the front, cotton on the back.

The OKD series is manufactured on a loom developed by Oshiroto, a fabric weaver in Banshu, Japan.This loom is an automatic loom converted and reused from an old hand loom. It weaves slowly and gently.The weaving process alone expresses the charm of wool.We do not do any processing that is highly damaging to fibers due to raising or chemicals.