Wool  81 %
Nylon 16.%
Silk 2 %
Polyurethane 1 %

Foot shaped wool socks using a three dimensional knitting technique with WHOLEGARMENT.
The entire sock is made of thick fabric to provide maximum warmth. 
There is also no elastic, so there is no tightness.

Silk yarns are woven between the toes to take advantage of silk’s ability to reduce steaming. Two patented techniques are used in the knitting process.One is a technique called cushion knitting to create thickness, with four layers of knitting. The fabric becomes strong, warm and cushioning. The other is a technique to create a fabric that does not slip down without the use of elastic. The calf to ankle area is completely comfortable with no tightness, preventing swelling and poor circulation.

We offer warm wool socks that are the best match between feet and wool.