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  • Premiere Vision 2024

    February 6 to February 8, 2024Exhibiting at Premiere Vision Paris Maison d’Executions! This time we will be making new proposals for color development using vegetable dyes and colored wools.We will also exhibit newly developed nonwovens using needle punch machines. And we can produce textiles with any desired structure or pattern using our yarns. We hope to see you at PV Paris!

  • Sheep running in the snow!

    https://youtu.be/-O2W-UEU_f4?si=xp3yyNSquXT2UTUs The temperature was -5°C (-4°F)!But the sheep were still in good spirits! https://youtu.be/50bkXetMm98
  • It snowed!

    This morning the temperature is -7℃.Sheep are doing well in the snow, eating bamboo leaves.
  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!In 2024, we will continue to produce wool products made from sheep raised by Sanbe-san in Ota City, Shimane Prefecture.We will wholeheartedly deliver wool products made from raising sheep.We will bring you our products with all our heart. Thank you for your support in 2023.To the many people who have supported us,Thank you very much. KASAGI FIBER STUDIO is still in 2024,We will continue to put the wonderful things about wool and sheep into our wool products.We are happy to share our happiness with everyone in the world,We will continue to share the beauty of wool and sheep with people around the world through Instagram. We hope you…