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  • Discover Rural Treasures 10th award

    Awarded at 10th Discover Rural Treasures 2023.This award is sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. https://www.discovermuranotakara.com/

  • Grand Prix, Business Plan Contest SOERU

    Chugoku Regional Women’s Business Plan Contest SOERUGrand Prix (Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Director-General’s Award) http://soeru2.cnbc.or.jp/ Contest Overview (excerpt from the website)This contest aims to support the growth of female entrepreneurs in the Chugoku region and to discover potential entrepreneurs, as well as to promote the emergence of excellent role models by providing a venue for local female entrepreneurs and supporters to meet.

  • Grand prix at Japan Textile contest

    Won a Gran prix award at Japan Textile contest 2020 ! Grand Prix (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award) https://www.fdc138.com/jtc/index.html #Outline of the contest (excerpt from the website) The Japan Textile Contest is a human resource development project aimed at revitalizing textile production areas. Under the theme of “Discovery and development of human resources who will lead the textile industry in the next generation,” the contest aims to strengthen the technical, design, and marketing capabilities of the textile industry and to develop the human resources to support these capabilities, thereby expanding business opportunities and communicating the appeal of manufacturing. #Head of Jury: Ms. Kanako Kajihara, Kajihara Design Studio, Inc. The…